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RF6 LED Ion Yellow Wide-Spread Fog Beam kit

Manufacturer Piaa
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.PIAA's Ion Yellow fog light bar provides a custom look to the front of your vehicle while producing an industry leading yellow light that is far less reflective in snow, sleet, rain, fog, and dust for increased safety in poor weather conditions. The widespread fog beam pattern illuminates far beyond the side of trails and road shoulders, and fills in the dark areas left by your low beams. The integrated Reflector Facing Technology precisely controls the light output and enables it to cut through fog, dust and snow. The SAE-F Compliant beam eliminates glare for oncoming traffic and gives you peace of mind that you are running a street legal product. All RF series light bars have both side and pedestal mount and are engineered with a modular housing that can be linked together, giving you maximum versatility when combining lights for desired length, multiple beam patterns, or beam colors. Ultra-wide beam pattern gives superior ground coverage to enhance your vehicle's low beams Reflecto
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